Tuesday, 22 July 2014

sewing sewing sewing

The other day I did something I've put off for a long tome now, namely sewing. My "to mend or alter" bag had become overfull and I'd started to miss some of the pieces in there. I had a couple of setbacks as usual - like with my two secondhand blouses that I experimented with. They where both waaay to large when I bough them, but had nice collars and detailing so I wanted to see if I could do something with them. Turns out I could, and the result looked pretty good, except they where both not waaay to small... Oh well. Good practice though!

My other projects where to mend some holes and re-attach some buttons, but I also shortened three dresses, and in addition cut off the sleeves on one. I found this handsome, folksy dress the other day at Fretex and couldn't resist it. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

work in progress

I've now had my summer vacation for five days, if you don't count the weekend. And, well, I'm not reeeeeally in a vacation-mode yet, I don't think. I have checked quite a few things off from my list of things that I could do if I got bored, but they have mostly been stuff that have felt like shores! I have done a huge amount of laundry and ironing, and I have started a complicated project to re-organize the whole house, where furniture have been moved from one room to another, with the result that it looks more disorganized just now, and honestly just a bit more boring... and today I spent the whole day by the sewing-machine, altering and mending clothes. My plan was to get rid of all of those hard-work things on my to-do list first, so I could relax afterwards, but now I kind of just see my precious free days go by. Oh, well, I have many days left, and days where I can't do anything at home, because I will be traveling!

One of the things I've been working on here at home is the installing of a "new" book-case. I want it to look kind of airy and not jam-packed, but we have so many books.. right now I have left the actual "decorating" of it until I get some more inspiration and have pretty much just stuffed all of the books back in...

Farmers market at Utstein Monastery

Though I feel I've mostly spent time in our house so far this vacation - I have actually made one day trip with my friend K and her family. I tagged along when they decided to visit a farmers market at Utstein Monastery, on the island Mosteröy, 45 minutes drive or so from Stavanger. I've been there before, and it is one of those places I recommend people to visit if they ever find themselves in this region. The old monastery is located on a small hill, overlooking a bay and surrounded by pasturage. I love this landscape, how green and gray and open it is. I want to pet all of the fluffy sheep and climb every singe one of the amazing stone walls.

We were all pleasantly surprised by the market, not only by the products but by the price, so I ended up buying quite a bit of produce there - yellow beets, herbs, various tomatoes, broccoli and some lovely elderberry lemonade...

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

magpie on instagram

so, I've noticed that sometimes it's easier to share stuff on instagram than on the blog, so I've started using that more. Why don't you follow me there too? I'm called magpie_sunrise, find me, dude.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Stavanger walk: peekaboo and cats on steps

some pictures from a sunny day in Stavanger

Sunday, 13 July 2014

I love my garden!

yeah, some things need to be replaced now that they are overblown, but it's still a little piece of heaven!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

strawberry nails

I experimented with some nail-stickers I found at H&M the other day. 

The red sparkly stripes turned out pretty cute with the pink background, but honestly I couldn't keep away from picking at them so they where gone after a day...


I've posted this dish here before, but I just can't recommend this enough. If you don't like to cook but like eating? This is the simplest thing you can do. All you have to do is boil some water for like 5 minutes tops, add ready made tortellini, slice and dice an avocado and some cherry tomatoes and add feta-cheze and sun-dried tomatoes from a jar. And some Balsamic-cream. All in all it takes like 6 minutes. I could eat this every day, I never grow tired of it!

Friday, 11 July 2014


It's finally here! This years summer vacation starts today, hooray! It's hot and a bit rainy outside right now so I just hang out in the couch watching a Doctor Who Christmas special until it clears up. Then I might just go and hang out on this bench instead...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

A favorite

This shirt-dress is one of my all time favorites! Unfortunately one of the buttons at bust-height tend to open so I prefer to wear it with a cardigan to prevent embarrassment... This brown one is thrifted and the Cambridge Satchel Company-bag was a gift from A last year.